Services for Domestic Violence Victims
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Services for Domestic Violence Victims

Case mangement

We believe
1. All men are created equal.
2. Everyone should love and be loved, be respected in relationships, should have freedom and autonomy in relationships, should not feel fear, and should not be subjected to coercion and control.

We help
Victims and their families of gender-based violence, regardless of their nationality, sex, and sexual orientation.

We provide
1 Mental care, support, and companionship
2 Risk assessment and assistance in developing individual safety plan
3 Legal services
4 Assistance in live reconstruction
5 Financial empowerment program
6 Relationship counseling
7 Psychological counseling
8 Group therapy
9 Referrals

District court services

1 Clarifying and counseling for domestic violence legal proceedings
2 Court preparation and escorting
3 Risk assessment e and safety planning for domestic violence
4 Emotional care, support, and companionship
5 Social welfare resources linkage and referral