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About the Modern Women's Foundation

Founded in 1987, Modern Women's Foundation is the first women's protection center in Taiwan, assisting more than 8,000 victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and sexual harassment each year, as well as nearly 3,000 high-conflict families in the courts each year.
Our services are available to everyone regardless of nationality, gender, or sexual orientation because we believe that all people are born equal and that everyone should be respected while maintaining their freedom and autonomy.
Our goal is to create a friendly environment of equality, safety, dignity and development, and to change social myths in the hope of ending gender-based violence and realizing a gender-just society.

Our Mission

With a firm stance, we strive to defend the rights and interests of women as well as children who witnessed domestic violence. We hope to eliminate systematic inequality while changing the cultural narrative around victims of domestic violence. By providing professional services, we comfort and assist the victims, and ultimately we hope to become the most trusted organization for victims of gender-based violence.

Our Vision

To help all families in need, to reduce crisis occurrence and assist along the road of recovery. 
To advocate for the end of gender-based violence and to create a society where all people have access to equality, security, dignity, and development. 
To promote women's and children's rights, to eliminate any form of gender discrimination, and ultimately to achieve a gender equal society.

Our Core Service Ethos

  • Individualized service: Provide individualized services according to the needs of different cases.
  • Victim-centered: We do not judge victims and respect their choices and decisions.
  • Understanding and Empathy: Show understanding and empathy towards the victim's situation to make them feel comfortable.
  • Accompaniment and Empowerment: Accompanying the victim during their case, assisting with decisions and further actions so that they may live a more free and autonomous life.
  • Empowerment Advocacy: We provide victims with a voice and connect them with relevant resources to help them reclaim their rights.

MWF's Footprints

In 1987, the Modern Women’s Foundation was established following the ending of martial law in Taiwan. Prior to its establishment, women in Taiwan had little to no rights, so the original purpose of the organization was to advocate for women’s rights. So, Pan Wei-Kang gathered a group of individuals dedicated to the promotion and advocacy of women’s rights and established the Modern Women’s Foundation. Since its establishment the organization has served countless women who have experienced sexual assault or were in domestic violence riddled relationships. Because they quickly realized that women were not taken seriously even in basic matters such as personal safety. Victims of sexual assault or domestic violence had no way of seeking help because the police did not accept their cases, medical professionals refused to treat them, and there were no other governmental services provided to assist them.