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Service Philosophy
End the cycle of domestic violence.
Assist children in trauma recovery.
Provide a safe home for children!
Who We Serve
Children under 18 who have witnessed domestic violence.
Parents with questions or concerns about children witnessing domestic violence.
Features of Service
Approach issues from the child’s perspective, addressing their emotions such as fear, isolation, helplessness, and anxiety after witnessing parental conflicts.
Utilize various materials to help children express their inner thoughts and improve their coping mechanisms after witnessing trauma.
Teach children proper violence awareness and self-protection techniques.
Accompany children on their trauma recovery journey, and cultivate their resilience.
Advocate for awareness surrounding trauma responses in children and build a support network for them.
What We Do
General Consultation
Offering consultation services on issues related to children witnessing domestic violence.
Emotional Relief, Adjustment, and Behavioral Counseling
Assisting children who witnessed domestic violence in identifying their emotions and learning positive coping mechanisms.
Children’s Court Support Services
Providing three-stage legal counseling services, including pre-court preparation, accompanying during court appearances, and post-court support, to reduce anxiety and worries.
Psychological Counseling Services
Offering children’s psychological counseling and play therapy to help children heal from emotional wounds and trauma.
Group Counseling
Conducting education and training sessions on issues related to children witnessing domestic violence and building a support network for children.