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Service Philosophy
We offer comprehensive legal advice and resources with a dedication to no discrimination based on gender, class, ethnicity, or nationality.
Our commitment is to protect domestic violence victims within the local community, ensuring that they receive immediate and comprehensive support and assistance throughout the legal proceedings related to domestic violence incidents.
Who We Serve
This service is mainly provided to victims of domestic violence and their family members or minor children in each court district.
We also provide necessary assistance to clients in other courts.
For the general public, free legal counseling and resource referrals are provided.
Features of Service
Convenience: We offer services directly within the courthouse, allowing the public to access immediate assistance.
Personalization:We provide individualized services based on the victim’s critical situation and needs.
Integrated Services:We offer comprehensive legal assistance and court support, alongside social and financial services, to help victims successfully navigate the legal system while maintaining stability in their lives.
What We Do
Pre-Trial Preparation and Accompanying Court Services
Providing victims of domestic violence with pre-trial explanations and support to maintain their safety and emotional well-being in court.
Domestic Violence Risk Assessment and Safety Planning
Collaboratively discuss violence risk assessment and safety plan development with domestic violence victims.
Emotional Care, Support, and Companionship
Addressing issues faced by individuals impacted by domestic violence and providing emotional care and support.