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Service Philosophy
Our focus is the rights and psychological recovery of each individual. We value every unique experience and story.
Who We Serve
Victims of sexual assault who are adults over 18 years old
Features of Service
We prioritize the safety and rights of sexual assault survivors and advocate for law reforms.
We emphasize services on both legal and psychological aspects to uphold the legal status of survivors and accompany them through the legal process.
We support sexual assault survivors in their journey of trauma recovery and help them resume their lives successfully.
What We Do
Consultation Services
Providing consultation services for questions related to how to seek help, handle sexual assault incidents, and access resources.
Physical and Mental Care Counseling
Regularly monitoring the physical and mental well-being of survivors and referring those in need to psychological counseling resources.
Survivor Groups and Workshops
Inviting professionals to lead sessions to help survivors cultivate self-awareness and self-care, and improve their emotional and psychological balance.
Resource Connection and Financial Assistance
Assisting survivors in applying for relevant resources and financial support related to sexual assault.
Support for Significant Others
Providing counseling and assistance to the family members or friends of survivors to alleviate secondhand trauma.
Community Prevention and Education
Conducting sexual violence prevention and awareness campaigns in various communities and schools.
Advocacy and Research
Advocating for the legal rights and status of survivors, accumulating their real-life experiences and voices, conducting research, and pursuing advocacy.