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Love Is Respect Program - Teen Dating Violence Prevention

"Why isn't she concerned about my feelings?"
"We broke up... I'm so sad.”
MWF has years of experiences in providing services to victims of intimate violence. We believe in “prevention over healing” and hope that our younger friends can have the correct affective education, preventing them from taking the road of love violence. Thus, “Love Is Respect” program hopes to allow everyone to respect each other in a love relationship, to face our failures and to learn to communicate when love is not at its smoothest. Our goal is to promote happy, loving relationships and healthy, rational break-ups.

We help
Young generation including students from high school, vocational school, and college and other important persons like teachers and parents.

1 Launch of “Teen Dating Violence Prevention” website
2 To provide love-problem online counseling
3 To arrange relationship education workshops and seminars.
4 To assist the school to construct campus safety network and provide teachers with training of love violence management.

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