Services for Victims of Sexual Harassment
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Services for Victims of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is not a single incidence that only a few people encounter to. Most people often ignore their own sexual harassment events because they do not understand what that is. MWF provides consultation for the general public, services for victims, prevention propaganda for communities with issues of sexual harassments, and consultation for business employers to implement measures of relevant prevention.

We help
Victims of sexual harassments that have residency in Taipei, encountered the event in Taipei.

We provide
1 Counseling Service
2 Legal counseling
3 Escorts for administrative complaint, investigation or mediation
4 Escorts to the police or court
5 Personal safety plan discussion including crisis management
6 Care and supportive counseling
7 Referral to psychological counseling
8 Handling of the victim and other important groups
9 Application of financial subsidies and provision of resource links

In addition, MWF implements prevention measures for sexual harassments and helps counsel employer units to build gender friendly environments, expecting enterprises to bear their social responsibilities. MWF also promotes prevention of sexual harassment in communities and campuses.