Assistant programe of High-conflict family

Assistant programe of High-conflict family

Mom and Dad are divorcing, who do you choose?

This unsolvable problem is the children’s everyday life.
"Is it my fault?"
"If I disappear, mom and dad will stop fighting?"
"If I choose mom, dad will be angry. If I choose dad, mom will be upset...."

The children in high-conflict families for a long period of time often experience behavioral disorders, such as social withdrawal and school refusal. Sometimes there is forced animosity from the children towards either one of the parents.

Even if parents have divorced, the children still wish to maintain the relationship with both parties. It is necessary for the parents with high conflicts to continue their practice until they are able to looks beyond and let go to become good co-parents.

Modern Women’s Foundation provides related services for high-conflict families, including:
1. Child Consultation and Group counseling
2. Parent-child meeting assistance
3. Parent Consultation and Training
4. Co-parent Coaching

Modern Women’s Foundation wishes to assist divorced parents to coordinate a care plan that is suitable for their children. We are aiming to help more than 3,000 families each year to reduce the frequency and intensity of conflict, as well as to be with the children on their road to recovery.

Children are our future! We invite you to help them.