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With a firm force, we strive to defend the rights and interests of women and children who witnessed domestic violence, and to eliminate inequality in the system and modern culture.
By providing professional services, we comfort the injured hearts and souls, and we hope to become the most trusted organization for gender-based violence victims.


To help all families in need, to reduce crisis occurrence and step toward on the road of recovery.
To advocate to end gender-based violence and to create a society where can offer us equality, security, dignity, and development.
To promote women's and children's rights, and to eliminate any form of gender discrimination, achieving a society with gender justice.

MWF's Footprints

In the desolate era of women's rights, Pan Wei-Kang has gathered a group of people who are public welfare and women's right enthusiasts. In 1987, Modern Women's Foundation MWF was established, in hopes to enhancing women's rights and to help women to find a balance between the traditional and modern roles.
In the beginning, lots of victims of sexual assault or domestic violence came for help. Because women's personal safety has not been taken seriously, and victims of sexual assaults or domestic violence have no one to turn to no police intervention, no medical inspections, and no social services.

Stage 1 1987 – 1993 Establishment of “Women's Guardian Center”

Our chairperson Pan Wei-Kang felt that women in our society didn't have personal safety, the most basic human rights, let alone the development of other rights and benefits. Therefore, we established “Women's Guardian Center” in 1988. Experts and scholars of law, crime prevention, medical service, and social work were invited to join. We provided victims legal services, accompany them to do medical inspection and police stations, and provide social services. We become the first charity group that provides services to women and children who suffer from sexual assault, domestic violence, and sexual harassment. We are the pioneers in the protection of women and children in Taiwan.

Stage 2 1994 – 2004 Anti gender-based violence Legislation

MWF has initiated the legislation of relevant laws.
We push the legislation of Sexual Assault Crime Prevention Act in 1997, the Domestic Violence Prevention Act in 1998, the amendment of Chapter 16 of the Criminal Law in 1999, and Sexual Harassment Prevention Act in 2005. At this time, all key legislations relevant to women's personal safety were completed, initiating a new era for the Taiwanese women.

Stage 3 2002 – 2011 Developing professional services and advocating

In this stage, we not only expanded many service centers throughout Taiwan; but also advocated many important policies, including reducing repetitive interrogation for victims of sexual assault, the establishment of the service center of domestic violence victims in court, and the program of safety protection network for the high-risk victims of domestic violence. All of them were adopted by the central Government. We now are a leading charity committed to end gender-based violence.

Stage 4 2012 to the Present Commitment to end gender-based violence and achieving gender justice

MWF has committed to end gender-based violence and to achieve gender justice for years. We continue to provide victim-centered services and advocating. Furthermore, we do lots of prevention work in schools and communities for young people, to help them to have healthy relationships, to courage them to engage in the prevention of gender-based violence. We hope to change the gender discrimination rooted in our traditional culture. Our goal is to meet the vision of gender equality of the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs established by the UN. By that time, Taiwan will be a society with gender equality and justice.