Our advocacy / Love Is Respect-Prevention of dating violence and sexual assault

Love Is Respect-Prevention of dating violence and sexual assault

We believe everyone deserves a happily ever after, but in our years of gender-based violence prevention works, we found the gradual increase of dating violence among the younger generations. Many of them occurred in the dates, and most of the perpetrators are acquaintances, so it is an urge to devote relevant resources into the assistance. MWF has started organizing seminars of dating violence prevention in campuses, hoping to elevate the sensitivity of dating violence among the younger generations, reducing the incidence of violence in intimate relationships.
To include victims of not-cohabiting intimate partner violence into the protection of laws and regulations, MWF and other gender-based violence prevention groups have been promoting the amendment of Domestic Violence Prevention Act and to reduce the age of protection to 16; at the same time, “Love Is Respect” program has also been initiated, hoping to help the younger groups:
1. To understand what is a positive and healthy relationship.
2. To identify unhealthy interactions so as to notice dating violence as early as possible.
3. To know how to avoid dating violence and how to get help.
4. Assist school teachers in guiding their students and the parents to identify healthy and unhealthy relationships , in initiating discussions about relationship issues, and in ensuring accessibility of help and support.

Through a series of activities, we hope everyone can learn the spirit of love: “love with mutual respect”. In this way, both parties will respect each other's boundaries, establish smooth communication, and feel safe and comfortable.
This program won the Spread Conscience Award.