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Co-parenting Advocacy and Education

According to the statistics report released by the Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics of the Executive Yuan total of 53,459 divorced couples in 2016, in other words in less than 10 minutes there is 1 registered divorce case recorded, which is the highest divorced rate in Asia. Divorce is never an easy decision to make for any family. Parents will either avoid speaking of it in front of their children or force them to pick a side, or sometimes makes them the scapegoat.

According to a survey made by our Family Cases Service Center in courts, more than 60% of the marital family law cases have dispute involving their minors, including their “custody, upbringing and visiting” issues. Children will become the trophy in the battle of litigation after parents got divorced. Both research and experience in practice show that children grew up in a parental conflict environment have a higher chance resulting in difficulties of interpersonal interactions, intimacy, and emotional management.

To prevent minors getting harmed in the process of a divorce, we advocate two parents to practice “co-parenting” to minimize the impact of their conflicts and children can embrace love coming from both parents. Moreover, we support the initiative of judicial system to consider the two parents’ compliance with “Friendly Parent Provision” when hearing minor cases. Furthermore, to preserve minors’ best interests we connect high conflict families with resources in parenting service.

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