Our advocacy / only YES means YES : Sex without consent is Rape

only YES means YES : Sex without consent is Rape

For a long time, the education of sexual abuse prevention appeals to “No means No”, but even then, the victims are still blamed for the occurrence of sexual assaults. The responsibilities of the perpetrators who should ensure consensual sexual acts are ignored. “No means No” means anyone has the right to refuse unpleasant sexual requests, the rights to say NO, yet the victims of sexual assaults are violated without having the ability to say no.
The advocacy of “Only YES means YES” emphasizes the responsibility of the active party to confirm that the other person "agrees" the sexual act in a “conscious” state, rather than a violation with an ambiguous attitude of “not saying no means yes”. At the same time, “Only YES means YES” also encourages a “clear communication”, preventing “sexual consent” to be the controversy in sexual assaults and also reducing the possibility to harm the parties of the sexual act.